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Friday, October 7, 2011


Don't Read This Page If You
Don't Need High Rankings on Google

SEO Web 2.0. for SEO ExpertsNew Technology of Building

PR4-PR8 Contextual Links

We provide high quality PR4-PR8 link building service, which will skyrocket your site rankings on Google, increase your site traffic & sales for ~250% within 3 months on average, and increase its Google PageRank up to PR5, PR6 or even PR7! Sign up free below today to see what kind of links we'll build for you, and where they'll come from. Once you sign up, you'll also get some valuable BONUS from us!

Your Links Will
Come from PR4-PR8 pages (yes, pages, not sites). Sign up to see samples.
Significantly increase your site rankings, and Google PR - up to PR5PR6 or even PR7.
Come from content with 5-10 outbound links on average (which is vital to pass high Google PR Weight).
Come from related to your site pages.
Come from only high quality, authoritative websites.
Be placed within page content & be surrounded by content!
Look natural to Google & stay alive for as long as you wish.

How It Works
Once you sign up, you'll see LinksManagement inventory of sites, where we can acquire high quality backlinks for your targeted keywords. You will see:
  • the URL of the web-page, where we can acquire the link for you
  • where exactly on the page your link is going to be placed
  • Google PR of the backlink page
  • passed PR Weight from backlink page to your page
  • number of outbound links on the page
  • price of each backlink
  • and decide on which of those pages you want to buy backlinks.
Our Inventory
No. of PR4 pages: 12,481
No. of PR5 pages: 3,417
No. of PR6 pages: 1,954
No. of PR7 pages: 843
No. of PR8 pages: 201
Total number of publisher sites: 83,294
Total number of clients: 7,541

Contextual Links vs. Usual Links

The main difference between contextual and usual backlinks is that contextual links boost your site rankings on Google 10 times more effectively than usual links because of the following below 7 factors:
  1. Contextual links are placed within page content and are surrounded by content from the left and right sides of the link. They are NOT placed among other links on the page. And that's very important for search engines. Matt Cutts says that the most natural links for Google are those, which are placed within page content.
  2. Contextual LinksUsual Links
  3. Contextual links look natural to Google and other search engines. That's why search engines LOVE contextual links.
  4. Contextual links bring more direct visitors to site owner since people LOVE these links too. Contextual links are more attractive for people and get more clicks.
  5. Contextual links pass to your website 10 times higher Google PageRank Weight than usual links because the number of outbound links on the page is 10 times less and PR is usually higher. Additionally, Google gives higher PR to links, placed within page content.
  6. Contextual links, unlike usual links, do NOT get removed with time.
  7. Contextual backlinks do NOT get removed because:
    • Contextual links don't take any additional space since they're placed within page content.
    • Contextual links are useful since they make content more "live".
    • Page content wasn't created just for "link exchange purpose", that's why it is valuable and nobody wants to remove valuable content from his site.
    Usual backlinks get removed very quickly because:
    • Usual links take additional useful space of the page. That's why site owners remove them in order to place new links on their place for link exchange purposes.
    • Usual links are placed on links pages, which were created specifically for link exchange purposes. That's why such pages have no value and get removed with time.
    • Page content is absolutely useless since it doesn't bring any value to site visitors. It's just full of useless links.
    • Site owners can be penalized by search engines for links pages because: a) content is 100% duplicated; b) page is only used for link exchange purposes, which is forbidden by search engines. 
  8. Contextual links, unlike usual links, have higher Google PageRank and they do NOT lose it with time.
  9. Pages, where contextual links are placed, havehigher Google PR and they do NOT lose it with time because:

    • These pages contain valuable content for people. That's why Internet users put natural backlinks to such pages.
    • Search engines LOVE such pages for their unique content. That's why they get indexed more often.
    • Site owners also put many natural backlinks to such pages since these pages are an important part of a site structure and they bring some value to the site and its visitors.
    • Search engines save such pages in their cache since these pages are valuable - they have unique content, which is searched and visited by people from SERPs (search engine result pages).
    Pages, where usual links are placed, have lower Google PR and they lose it very quickly because:
    • These pages have no value for people. Nobody puts natural backlinks to them.
    • Search engines dislike such pages really much since they are forbidden by search engine rules & guidelines. As stated in Google Webmaster Guidelines: "Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number (fewer than 100)" which means Google spider may NOT index links pages with 100 or more outbound links.
    • Site owners put only 1 backlink to these pages just in order to pass some Google PR to them. Moreover, they hide even this link. Site owners are ashamed to show their links pages to people because of their low quality & spammy look. Links pages bring no value to site visitors.
    • Of course search engines do not keep such pages in cache. Since nobody puts backlinks to such links pages and search engine crawlers do not come back to them again, these pages lose their Google PR very quickly. 
  10. Contextual links are absolutely safe because search engines (including Google) cannot detect that they were bought.

    How Google Detects Unnatural LinksWhy Google CANNOT Detect Links, Built By Us
    1. Search engines can only detect paid links listed one after another in a row. Paid links or links from links pages look likea list of links.

    2. Usual paid links are placed in the site menu or in the footer. That's why Google knows that links placed there are most likely paid and it considers them as paid.

    3. Another thing, which seriously helps Google detect paid links, is that 95% of usual paid links are sold for just 1 month. When the period is over, a link gets removed. This raises signals to Google that most likely this site sells backlinks. Links, which appear for just 1 month and then disappear lookunnatural, especially if the site has many such backlinks.
    4. Another way in which Google detects paid links is by the number of links placed on the page. Most sites that sell links place lots of links on their pages and this helps Google detect and penalize such sites.
    5. Finally, Google can simply login to those link broker sites, which buy & sell links and see the list of all sites that sell links & penalize those sites.
    1. All our links are placed separately from each other andonly within the content of the page. Moreover, our links are surrounded by content from both sides of the link. Such links look absolutely natural to Google (and other search engines).
    2. None of our links is placed in the footer or in the menu of the site. All our links are placed only within the content of the page and are surrounded by content from both sides of the link.
    3. Absolutely all our links are placed for a long period of time. Many of them stay alive for 1 year; some - even longer. So our links don't appear and disappear in unnatural way. That's why all our links look absolutely natural to Google.

    4. All our links are only placed on pages with little number of outbound links. The average number of outbound links in page content is just 5!

    5. We have separated our sites where we buy & sell links. Moreover, your sites are not even listed anywhere. Even if Google finds our sites where we sell links, there is simply no such control panel where Google can loginand see your sites. Only YOU can see your sites. That's why your sites are completely safe with us.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Search engine optimization(SEO)
Search engine optimization plays a vital part in furthering the online presence of your business. A potent marketing tool, search engine optimization can help in increasing the number of visitors to your website and as a result push your revenues too. With reliance on only genuine search engine optimization techniques we look forward to improve the visibility of your website in the shortest possible time at one of the most competitive rates in the entire industry.We do ethical optimsation and respectively follows

DG Technology provides you 10 easy steps to get the rankings.

Advantages of SEO
SEO is potentially the most important search marketing approach for marketers since most searchers click on the natural listings or organic listing. The human mentality of reading from left to right always intend us to focus on the left part. Indeed, research shows that some searchers NEVER click on the sponsored listings.
Generally, the 80:20 rule holds true with 80% of the clicks on natural listings and 20% of the clicks goes on the paid listings.
A key benefit of SEO is that it is relatively cost-effective since there is no payment to the search engines for being placed there. What you need to do is to hire ethical SEO company or if you have your own in-house development then better option is to for a SEO Consultant.